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Condensator - Medium: Mermaid Condensator

The Mermaid Condensator is the solution to water in your bilge! For anyone looking to prevent condensation from reaching the bilge or the sump pumps, Mermaid has your solution!

Working the the "Venturi" principle, the Mermaid Condensator is installed in-line with the marine air conditioners water discharge line. As the marine air conditioner and sea water pump are running, the device creates a vacuum effect and literally pulls the condensation water out of the drain pan, merges it with the discharge water, and you condensation is now overboard! The principle here is to leave your boat a "dry boat" by removing all condensation from the marine air conditioners drain pan, bilge, and /or sump pump.

Mermaid Condensator Specifications:

The Mermaid Condensator is only 6 inches long including the inlet/outlet water hose barbs. It is a simple device in operation and only needs to stay clean to be fully operational! We hope you enjoy many years of successful operation.

Included will be all hoses, a check valve, a small in-line filter, and hose clamps. No additional parts or pieces are necessary for the installation.

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