Mermaid Marine Air
All mermaid air conditioning products are constructed with quality components assembled on solid stainless steel bases.
All marine air conditioning models are available in 120VAC, 220VAC 50 Hertz, or 208/230 50/60 Hertz (US) configurations.
All Mermaid air conditioners come with the security of a full Five Year Warranty (US and Canada Sales Only) on the total air package.

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Since 1983, Mermaid has been providing high quality marine related products to thousands of satisfied customers, nationally and internationally.
Quality, service, and low cost are ensured to Mermaid customers worldwide. When you compare Mermaid's features and low cost to the competition,
we think you'll agree: Mermaid stands alone in providing the most value for your dollar. Also, don't forget to bookmark this site for continuous
information regarding end of season and Boat Show Specials! Thank you for the business and we look forward to having you on board
as a Mermaid customer.

Our premier product line - air conditioning - can cool cabins on marine vessels ranging from the smallest cabin cruiser to a 75' sailing yacht.
Dry-Pal (tm) dehumidifier's compact and robust design makes it well suited for many different applications. The Dry-Pal is the right choice for moisture control in boats, campers, cabins or anywhere a compact energy efficient dehumidifier is desired. The Dry Pal is available in 110v or 220v applications. An idea of a dehumidification's area is between 250-350 cubic feet. Additional units are recommended for larger applications. 20-25 pints of condensation can be created with using the formula of 80 degrees F @ 60% relative humidity.

Mermaid's newest addition, the Kool-Temp (tm) remote refrigeration units, are an ideal addition to any sailing vessel or cruiser where either a previously operating refrigeration/freezer system once lived, or where a new insulated compartment is asking for refrigeration or freezing! Mermaid now manufactures air cooled remote units using the highly respected Danfoss compressors. Our units are available in either 12v, 24v, and now 12/24v & 110v/220v with auto changeover from 12/24v to 110v/220v and back with no additional controls or circuits! Our sizes range from a 3 cubic feet up to a 9 cubic feet. Refrigeration and Freezing options are both available.
Marine and RV Ice Makers are back! With a special arrangement made with fellow manufacturers, we are proud to re-introduce to the market the polished stainless steel ice makers! These beautiful, high output, extremely quiet and durable machines are a welcomed addition to any boat or RV looking to add the convenience of onboard ice.

Our portable cooler/freezer is offered in several configurations. Regardless of whether you choose the stainless steel cabinet in 12/24v, 12/24v AND 110/220v with auto change-over, straight 110v, or straight 220v, we are sure you will be quite pleased with its performance! The Kool-Chest portable refrigerator/freezer is well suited for the marine environment, whether is it mounted under the pedestal seat of a center console or in the galley of a sailing yacht. Mermaid utilizes R-134a refrigerant and provides a one-year warranty on the product. The cooler/freezer is thermostatically controlled to your preference of either refrigerator or freezer activity. Eliminate the hassles of limited supply and storage of ice! Mermaid's Kool-Chest will keep your perishables cool or frozen! For you fisherman, we have found this to be ideal for fish and bait storage. The 12/24v model machines will have a two speed option control. The low speed is designed for a slower cooling time, yet more efficient. The high speed mode is designed for rapid cooling, yet slightly more amperage. Typically, high speed is used to cool a "warm" chest and low speed is used for the rest of the requested cooling time. Each 12/24V product utilizes the highly recognized and durable Danfoss compressors.

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